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  • 2013
    • July
      • Overview of Partnership working
        We have been working together with Step Ahead approx 18 months, assisting them with homing vulnerable adults. During this period we have always been paid rent promptly and on the rent due date and when any property or tenant issues have arisen they have been dealt with promptly and professionally.

    • April
      • Lovely Feedback from external agencies!
        Passing on my thanks for your continued support whilst "anonymous" was with yourselves it was great to have so much support and input from home which helped us to support "anonymous" at college.
        Tameside College

    • March
      • Moving on.
        On the 18th of February, I moved into the Mill after living with my foster parents for nearly 5 years, I have been in care since I was 6 years old. I decided to move in the Mill rather than move into a bedsit as I felt i could always learn more through other experiences.

        I came and looked

      • New Website!
        This new website looks great! :) Lots of information and pictures of our great projects!

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