Moving on. 
On the 18th of February, I moved into the Mill after living with my foster parents for nearly 5 years, I have been in care since I was 6 years old. I decided to move in the Mill rather than move into a bedsit as I felt i could always learn more through other experiences.

I came and looked around before I decided I liked it here and wanted to move in. I spoke to my SW and she told me there was a flat ready and waiting for me and told me a date i could move in. After this conversation with my SW i was pretty excited to be moving into what is practically my own flat.

The day had arrived and i had packed my belongings i had at my foster parents house and was ready to go. My SW turned up I said goodbye to my foster parents (It was emotional!!) although she did pack me some essentials i.e washing powder and fabric conditioner and small food items.

I arrived at the Mill and was greeted by Donna who invited me in and sat me in the office while i waited for Louise (The Boss) to come and give me my induction. I was told the ground rules and what is expected of me while staying at the mill and had to sign some forms to show i agreed to stick to the rules of Step Ahead. (There not that bad actually) I was then handed my key to my flat.


I unpacked and took in the surroundings and enjoyed having my own space and knowing staff are there to support me with what ever i needed. My Granddad turned up with some shopping for me. I met the other member of staff Jake, he introduced himself and told me he was my key worker (Basically supported me more one on one). We then walked up to Asda to get some cleaning essentials like sponges, anti bacterial cleaner. Jake explained how to get along well at the Mill and if i ever needed anything he or any other member of staff will be there to support me with what i needed.

I decided to stay at my girlfriends house on my first night at the Mill as nerves hadn't really settled yet... Now i can safely say i am more than comfortable in sleeping in MY flat.

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